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Memorial Page

                This page is dedicated to friends that are no longer with us.

              We shared this hobby and we shared storys.  They are missed
                                          at the creek on summer days.


     Stephen James Dowling
A tribute to Steve

              Sept. 26th 1942-Oct. 30th 2008
Steve was one of the best members the club had and could always be counted on for anything.

Bill Mings
                     Dec. 31, 1945-Oct. 13th 2011
                  Bill was a member for many years.
He was a very religious man with a crazy fun sense of humor.
        Everyone that really knew him thought alot of him.
Fratis "Hank" Carter

April 6, 1930 - August 3, 2014

Hank Carter was President of the club some years back.
Hank is the reason we still have a club in the first place.
The club almost folded back in the 1990s but Hank Carter
and Carl Kelly fought to bring it back to where it is today.
"Hobo" Hank will be missed by the Southern Indiana Chapter
and anyone who ever known him.

Edward Romine
                      Edward Romine Passed away January 14th.
             Ed was the club President before Jay became President.
              He is survived by his wife Beth and two young children.
              He was not an active member at the time of his death.
                    Ed was the state rep. for the GPAA in Indiana.
          He was a long time prospecter and so was his grandfather.

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