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Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
    Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
Your local gold prospecting club from Brown County
Yes theres gold in Indiana
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Places to prospect for gold : Got some good feedback at the August meeting
and now I know there are people that want to know where else they can go to
look fo gold. Thats what this spot will be for.

Okay so where can we go and pan for gold?

Gatesville Indiana behind the contry store (salt Creek) -Stop at the store and ask Robin (Owner) if you
can and she will say "sure go ahead" shes a great lady. 

morgan monroe S/P
But you need to stop at ranger station and get a permit to pan there and you can use only
Pans and trowel and thats all.
The club has been to Sand Creek up by Greensburg Indiana but you need land owners
OK in writing or DNR will throw you out.
The Rangers in Yellowwood S/F told me I could pan there now but you need a permit there
also. So ask them and see what they say and if its still ok, go for it.

About anyplace around Brown county should be Ok to pan if the land owner says it Ok to .

Just remember you have to have the land owners permission in writing on you or the DNR says
your breaking the law! See (The new laws for prospecting in Indiana) above.

Here is another off site page to check_
  Places to look for gold   GOLD LOCATIONS IN INDIANA

Or Indiana Geology Questions and Answers       Where can gold be found in Indiana

                                  Prospecting for Gold in the United States
Pulled from the site…….Link below


Gold occurrences in Indiana are due to the Pleistocene glacial movements, which deposited
gold in varying amount in the glacial morains from unkown source in Canada. No natural veins
bearing gold or natural placer are in Indiana. Still, gold panning of many of the glacer deposits
in the streams produce small amounts of gold.


In all glacier drifts throughout the county you can find placer gold with an occasional diamond.

Greenhorn Creek

Greenhorn Creek is said to carry gold bearing sand.

Salt Creek

Flour to coarse, some pickers and an occasional nugget has been found by me and others.
The gold is in gravel bars and also in the gravels directly above the shale bedrock. Pickers
and small nuggets are found in the cracks and crevices in the bedrock.Also their are garnets,
fossils and the occasional diamond. Finding gold in Indiana requires a lot of patience,
but the gold is there! Indiana gold is heavy and very bright.

Monroe County

I recommend the book "Gold & Diamonds in Indiana" from the Department of Geology in
Bloomington. It cost only $6.00 and gives stream locations in Morgan and Monroe counties.
This book is highly recommended for Indiana gold seekers.

Gold Creek

Contains placer gold.

Indian Creek

Contains Placer gold.

Sycamore Creek

Contains placer gold.

All regional stream and creek gravels and all glacial drifts contain panning gold.

Gold Creek

Along Gold Creek in the gravel bars you can find gold, diamonds, zircons, sapphires and rubies.

Greenhorn Creek

Along Greenhorn Creek, near Wilbur, you can find gold in the creek gravels. All of the other streams
near Wilbur also have gold.

Highland Creek

Highland Creek is located 7 miles north by northwest of Martinsville in Johnson County and I am told
that the gravel deposits and stream sandbars have gold that can be obtained by panning.
Also diamonds have been found

Sycamore Creek

I have found gold there each time I have went prospecting. The gold is very fine and the best comes
out of the gravel in the banks. The bed rock is Shale and is worn smooth so It doesn't hold the gold well.
It is a good way to spend an afternoon but you won't get rich.Their are many creeks in Northern Indiana
that have fine gold in them. Most do not have good bed rock. The gold is best found in the gravel in the
banks. Most of the gravel in the banks has been there for 10 thousand years since the last Glacial period.
Many times it is laying on a clay layer or on slick shale. Any place that has gravel will have some gold.

Falls Creek

Take US41 south from I80/94 if coming from northern Illinois or Indiana or US26 West to US41
South if coming from I65. At the point where US41 splits off into US 63 to Attica why stay on US41
South another mile or so until you pass an overpass and see some highway maintenance buildings
on your left. Turn left at that point . This road shortly turns into a dirt road and is not shown on most
road maps. It is called Twin Bridges Road. Follow it until it dead ends at a bridge. This will be Potholes
Road. You will be roughly 5-8 miles northwest of Attica,Indiana. There are 2 creeks here. They both have
gold. It tends to be mostly flour with some flakes about 1/8 inch. The larger creek has most of the gold.
It is in the gravel bars and the rotten shale . My friend dredges for it and has found some wheat grain
size nuggets. I dowse for it and have found gold every time with my homemade rods. It is a very nice
place to bring the family to. Bring your fishing license and pole and swim suit and camera. The smaller
creek has a couple of waterfalls and lots of bathtub size potholes to splash in hence the name of the
second road. A private group maintains this area but it is open to the public. There is a campground
nearby, Summers campground. They take cash only so bring some. It's less than 5 miles from the creek.
A lot of kids come here during the summer to play. We come to mine and have a good time.

Nolands Fork Creek

Large amounts of placer and pickers found above and below US 40 and 70 did do some work
with 2 inch dreadge found good amounts every time was able to get permison for acsses by
almost every owner of property.

Weather in Nashville Indiana
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