About Us : Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
Southern Indiana GPAA is a Prospecting Club in Indiana.
The Club is free to join, with no dues or any fees. The Club raffels Gold Nuggets from time to time to raise money for hats, t-shirts and such.

We are a local prospecting club out of Brown County Indiana.
            we have between 75 and 100+ members.
   But our club meetings have around 30 to 35 show up,
                  depends on the weather mostly.
            Rainy days have less people show up.
We have door prizes and raffle drawings to collect money
                                    for the club.
We always meet at the shelter house in Gatesville Indiana
         even when we are going to have an outing.
All of our meetings are at 1:00pm every 2nd saturday of the month.
      March till October  (Spring till Fall) no winter meeting.
   Anyone is always welcome to come to any meeting or outing
            and the local chapters are always free to join.
    There are 3 chapters in Indiana right now to chose from
a northern, central and a southern chapter (We are the Southern Chapter).
Most of our meetings will be the time of our outings and will take place at
Gatesville, Salt Creek runs thru town and we have access to the creek there.
      Salt Creek is one of the best known spots in Indiana for prospecting.
Theres also the Gatesville Country Store there, (you enter the creek behind
   the store) and the store sells prospecting supplies and food and drinks.
Robin Stevens the owner is also a rock hound and can help idenify anything found
in the creek. Theres also geodes and dimonds in salt creek but the geodes are easer
                                                             to find.
                        The GPAA stands for
Gold Prospectors Association of America
                      a national organization
     That promotes prospecting and the outdoors
                              for everybody

The past presidents of the club
as far back as I can remeber

Hank Carter   more then 2 years
Carl Kelly      more then 2 years
Tom Smith    2 years
Ed Romain    less then 2 years
Jay Clawson  2 years

If I forgot anyone please let me know
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Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
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