Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
    Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA
Your local gold prospecting club from Brown County
Yes there IS gold in Indiana

Your Visit
  with us
Our Friend Robin Stevens
At The Gatesville Country Store

Gatesville Country Store
4525 Salt Creek Rd.
Nashville, IN 47448

GPAA stands for Gold Prospectors Association of America (C)
Latino Action
League Inc.
We also support the
2850 E. County Rd. 875 S.
Mooresville Indiana 46158
        How to find Gatesville Indiana                 ---->> Map Page
We meet at the store in Gatesville at the crossroads of North Saltcreek Rd and Gatesville Rd
To call Gatesville a small town is not really fair to small towns. Gatesville is more of a tiny town, well its really just a
store a firehouse and some houses with Saltcreek
running thru it, but Saltcreek has gold even if it is glacier gold.

            The new laws for prospecting in Indiana,
                (well their not really new any more)
   as most of you know Indiana recently passed some
        new laws concerning prospecting in the state.
           below is the link to a PDF copy of the rules...                                           
      New Rules on Prospecting In Indiana   Click Here


  Thanks to Chuck Lassiter from Midwest Prospctor

If you have a Orginzation or club or something like that you want us to post here let us know
Gold prospecting - fastest growing outdoor recreation in Indiana
                      Everyones doing it.why not you?

Click here to go to the yahoo Group Page Forums
Welcome to the Southern Indiana GPAA website
Come on down to Gatesville Indiana and get yourself some gold
There are more places in Indiana then Brown County and Salt Creek to find gold.

Ask around and you may find more
If you are new to prospecting please check out one of Indiana's local clubs.
They are free to join and will be happy to help you out and get you started right.
You may also make some new friends along the way.
It really is more then putting dirt in a pan and shaking it around.
We have 3 clubs in Indiana right now and maybe more on the way.
Check out our links to the other chapters.
For most of us this is just a hobby and a way to get out of the house and into the creek.
There are a few guys making money prospecting (in Indiana) but not me.
They work alot harder at it then I do, hobbys should be fun not work.
But its a great hobby and alot of fun for the family.
Support Our Troops
We are a local chapter of the GPAA (gold prospectors) from Southern Indiana.
With gold prospecting being the fastest growing outdoor recreation in Indiana,
its important that the new people get started out right, we are here to help with
that. Everybody is always welcome to join our club
(its free to join local chapters) or drop by a meeting and ask questions...
we are happy to help.
All you need to do to become a member of the Southern Chapter is say
you want to..... how much easer could that be?
             We have drawings at the meetings and give door prizes.

Everyone is always welcome to drop by a meeting and check it out or just say Hi.

All local chapters are always free to join
All Cancer Sucks
Their is more to gold prospecting then BIG nuggets
                   Its all in the small details





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Last updated 4/23/15
The club will meet every 2nd Saturday of
the month at 1:00pm in Gatesville Indiana
             from March thru October
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To Date
Yes! There is gold in Indiana
Indiana Department of Natural Resources  (DNR)
The DNR people have posted prospecting info on their website
             With PDFs, Maps & Gold locations in Indiana
                                   Plus much more
                Drop by there and see what they have
Click on Flag
or link below
            The copyright for this website refers strictly to the domain name "", and in no way
            makes any claim towards copyrighting the material found within, all photos are the property of the persons
who owns them. Clip-art is mostly found in public domain or is made by myself and others and given into public domain.
                     The information provided on this website is intended to be used to aid those in search of information
                         concerning gold prosecting in and around Brown County Indiana.  Many thanks  to those who have
                       gladly shared their knowledge, photographs, time, and stories with the "Southern Indiana Gold Club"

In memory of Bill Ming - Dec. 31, 1945-Oct. 13th 2011
A friend lost to soon and to suddenly

       2015 Season
       Has started.
     Welcome everyone.

Any group or individuals wanting info or setting up any kind of event that you would like the club to assist with. contact the President of the club  directly. I'm sorry but as the web guy I have no say in who gets help or not.
Please buy a t-shirt
you'll look great in it.
We are a non profit organization


   Jay Clawson  -                President       

   Mike  Cook                 Vice  President     

            Tom Smith   -              Treasurer                       E-mail not posted       

   Clifford Smith      -       Secretary              Email maybe coming soon but starting to think not.

   Clarence Snyder        -      WebMaster   

   Please if you have any questions or info you think we should have
   send it to one of the adderss about. I am always happy to receve
   Emails with questions or whatever so don't be shy                     

                 The gold miner's headquarters
Dedicated to the small scale & recreational gold miner

                                          A great site, check it out
Site administrator
Clarence Snyder
          Check out
    They have lots of info
  on where to find gold in
                               Check out our newest link
A great website full of infomation on Treasure Hunting, Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting.
                         Lots of good Information
STOP the movement to eliminate Treasure Hunting in Oregon.
What are these people thinking?
      Click here to read story
Thanks to for the info
If you have never been over to the Gold prospectors space web site
         then your missing out on lots of fun and great information
Just click on the banner above to visit their site
An article from the Brown County Almanack Fall 2013 on Gold in Gatesville
Click Here
Click here
New Items in the FOR SALE page part/thingy
2015 Calendar is up
Click this to check out an old flyer from Gatesville store from years ago
  2014 was a banner year for Indiana gold
Brown County Rock and Mineral Club
   Check out this local rock club
      Its kind of our sister club
  as quite a few of the members
are also in the Southern Indiana
      Chapter of the GPAA here.
So if you like rocks, Fossils & stuff
                check them out.
    Keene Engineering
    what more can you
     #1 in prospecting
Here is a link to a nice little PDF file from the Indiana DNR
   that summarizes the Indiana prospecting regulations
Click Here
           We Are
No Longer Affiliated
     With The LALI
Photos from the April 11th 2015 Meeting
                 in Gatesville Indiana
      Did you make it? Check and see.
       We support
     Well the cure
       for it that is.
  If your going to walk
    anyway, do it for
     a good reason
   or a good cause.
To go to the video page
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Southern Indiana Chapter of the GPAA

Remember shirts
are still available
small to 5X on order

Door prize and drawing winners
Adopt a puppy or kitten if you can.
Its the only true love you can buy.

Today is a great day to save a life.

    Older pets are great also.
But they will always have our support.
Map of Salt Creek
Salt Creek in Brown County
  Best place to get gold in
       Southern Indiana!
Salted with gold by Nature from Canada... thanks Canada
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Last years winner of the BIG gold nugget
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Group Photo from last meeting of 2014 (October)
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Lets never forget
The old Gatesville sign
The new Gatesville sign
This years gold for door prizes
               and drawings
New folks always win *

                                      Jim Bowers donated a GOLD coin
                                   to the club for our drawing last month.
                                                   Thank you Jim.

May 9th
Next meeting will be April 11th
at 1:00pm Gatesville Indiana
       At the shelterhouse
            Rain or shine

If you can't find it call me and
   I'll tell you how to get there

the golds just waiting for us to get it
We support these guys
Hold it up a little higher

Next meeting @ 1:00pm
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Don't forget to check out the FOR SALE area.... We have new items up for sale.....

Check this baby out!
By my math thats 7.25 troy LBs
                 but I could be wrong on that.
   Anyway what ever it comes out to, I want one.
Click this spot for a google maps page to Gatesville

The new web link to the PLP folks is at:
And our state

If you missed this months meeting, don't cry.
               There's always next month.
          It was a great day for a meeting, it was cool but not cold,
wet but not raining and these are some of the nicest folks I've ever met.

Keene Engineering, manufacturer of mining & prospecting equipment.
Check em out at ---->

Garrett Metal Detectors
      Proline Mining Equipment, INC.